2016 Group Projects

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Auzel: Energy from Waste

Andrea, Aries, Arun, Ian, Milos, Nikhil

We are attempting to collect energy from nuclear waste heat through the use of photon up-scale converters and IR-photovoltaic cells. Our case study is going to be based on the High-Level Vitrified Waste facility in Sellafield, UK, but our ideal is to apply this to all high-level waste and applications beyond.

Ma’at: Peaking and Hydrogen Production

Boris, Abdalla, Kyle, Michael, Oscar, Richard

We aim to provide alternative revenue streams to both existing and future nuclear power plants as well as increased grid stability. This is done by producing valuable, non-electrical and low-carbon energy carriers such as hydrogen during off-peak hours, thereby decarbonizing the economy further than increased electrification alone.

Licensing Advanced Reactors Worldwide (TM)

Kathryn, Jing, James, Steve

We are looking to create a contracting firm aimed at mitigating licensing risk for advanced reactor designs through pursuing parallel international licensing paths.Comm & Sense: Nuclear Plant Personnel MonitoringChris, Megan, Modeste, Sarah, ShreyWe are deploying a network infrastructure for nuclear plants which incorporates real-time personnel monitoring and dosimetry. This platform provides data visualization and analysis while enabling future integration of value-adding features.

ETCH: Clean Energy Communication Platform

Mark, Cindy, Garon, Andres

We are a new age communication platform facilitating access to talent and resources. In doing so, we seek to promote collaboration and make the industry more competitive thus generating innovation; starting with the nuclear industry and then potentially expanding to the wider clean energy industry.