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Ian Hamilton, who participated in the 2016 Bootcamp, is now participating in the Chain Reaction Innovations program at Argonne National Lab. The program is modeled after Cyclotron Road at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, a 2016 Bootcamp supporter. It aims to bring business-minded scientists into contact with lab experts in order to push their science and their companies closer to market.

Ian’s company bridges recycling and energy generation to create power from nuclear waste. He told us “Bootcamp significantly contributed [to] getting into the CRI program here at Argonne.” This was a result of the networking he was able to do during Bootcamp, but also because “the knowledge [Ian] learned while at Bootcamp helped [him] answer some of the tougher questions from the judges” during the last few rounds of interviews.

We know this is just the first step for Ian’s company, and his is only the first company formed as a result of Bootcamp that will begin to make the future of energy happen today. If you want to be 2017’s version of Ian – either by founding a company or by bringing your company to new heights, make sure to apply soon!

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