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In the second of our checking in series, we’re highlighting Aries Loumis, a senior at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He came into Bootcamp with the outline of a company already created, but was losing his passion. This is what he has to say about his experience:

“The Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp revitalized my faith in the nuclear industry. It helped me realize that even though there are difficult paths in licensing and social stigma that there is no reason to be discouraged… I got to make friends from all around the world, long lasting professional relationships with people in my field, and it gave me the confidence and proper guidance to believe that I can be the CEO of a nuclear startup.”

This passion, excitement, and commitment is the hallmark of a successful innovator, and that’s what we aim to catalyze through the Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp. Nuclear is a global industry, requiring cooperation not only between engineers, scientists, and researchers from around the world, but also with lawyers, politicians, businessmen, and community activists.

If you are passionate about bringing clean energy to your community, country, or the world, make sure you get your application in before February 15. You can fill one of the roles mentioned above, or something completely different; you can be an undergraduate student or a professional decades into her career: all career paths welcome!

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