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2016 Innovator, Cindy Rodriguez, cites the Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp as a central reason she founded her new company, Adirondack Diversity Solutions. It’s not just the education: “[t]he presenters and networking opportunities that Bootcamp provided paved the way to lasting professional relationships. Years later, I still find myself reaching out to cohort members and advisors to bounce business ideas. The support you find in this community is truly exceptional.” Cindy’s company focuses on helping companies of all shapes and sizes in and around the Adirondacks recruit and retain diverse workforces. “Climate change and its impacts do not simply pertain to scientists and environmentalists. Thus, they should not be only ones to bear the burden of solving these issues,” she wrote. “I recently decided to cofound Adirondack Diversity Solutions to address these needs within nonprofits, environmental organizations and for profits.” Bootcamp is proud to call Cindy an alum, and look forward to seeing what she can do with this new company!

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