Checking in with our Innovators: Jing Hu

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Jing Hu is currently working at Argonne National Lab, where she works as a materials scientist on candidate materials for future reactors. Though her research is narrowly focused, Jing said the broad knowledge Bootcamp provided aids her understanding of the impacts her research has in a larger context. “The bootcamp also open[ed] my eyes about the possible areas I can devote to” in the future, she said.

Her group worked on a project about parallel licensing in multiple countries for advanced nuclear reactors; their paper, The Importance of International Collaboration and Parallel Licensing for Advanced Nuclear Reactors, is forthcoming in the Journal of Science Policy and Governance. For many students late in their studies or professionals just starting their careers, Jing explained the value of the Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp: “I came to understand much better about not only the why behind the scientific questions, but also how I can do my work better.” Bootcamp isn’t only an academic experience, it’s a place to learn lessons and make connections that will serve you at all points in your career. Apply today!

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