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Building on the resounding success of the first Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp: Nuclear Upended held in 2016, we are pleased to announce that we’re doing it again! The second bootcamp, Tomorrow Today, will be hosted at UC Berkeley from July 16-29, 2017. The Bootcamp will train the next generation of students and professionals in developing and executing ideas for nuclear energy that work in the world–providing them the tools to make a real impact as innovators and entrepreneurs.

This brief includes ways to get involved as well as what’s new.

What’s the same:
– 25 students from around the world will learn from experts inside and outside the classroom for two weeks while executing team design projects.
– Mentors: a fleet of mentors will be available as a resource for the students throughout their projects.
– Experts: world experts will teach sessions, speak on panels, and be available for discussion.
– Pitches: the bootcamp will culminate in a session open to the public where each group will pitch their project to a panel of expert judges.

What’s new:
– Modules: the curriculum is structured as modules, each of which is a deep dive on a specific topic.
– Professionals as participants: we invite professionals to attend for one to several modules.
– Collaboration: we are thrilled to announce that this year’s bootcamp is being collaboratively organized by UC Berkeley, MIT, Texas A&M, UW Madison, and VCU.

Get involved:
Be a participant
Applications will be open December 15, 2016 through February 15, 2017. Applicants will be informed of their placement no later than March 15, 2017.

The full program is open to any students interested in or studying nuclear engineering or related fields, energy, entrepreneurship, business, law, communication, design, policy, or arts. Students’ housing and meals will be covered for the two week session; there will be a modest registration fee if selected and they will be responsible for their own transportation to Berkeley.

Modules of the program are open to early- and mid-career professionals. Professionals can apply for individual modules where they will develop targeted expertise in areas needed for nuclear entrepreneurship and innovation. These professionals will learn side by side with the students and contribute their expertise to the student group design projects.

Be a mentor
Lend your expertise to a specific team throughout the bootcamp by being a continuous mentor, or, as a smaller commitment, to any team for a short period of time as a spot mentor.

Be a sponsor
Help make this bootcamp possible. Get solution ideas for important challenges. Attract the best and the brightest to work on your problems. Make the nuclear industry of tomorrow successful today.

Interested in teaching?
Let us know if your expertise fits with a part of our curriculum and you’re interested in serving as a speaker.

Looking forward to creating a clean tomorrow today!
The Bootcamp Organizing Team


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