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Thank you for considering participating in the program as a mentor. A significant portion of the Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp is the student design project. In small groups, students work over the two weeks on a project that will have technical and non-technical components touching on a wide range of topics. Team members will not have expertise in most of these areas; our mentors serve as experts from across the industry to be available to the student teams to answer questions as needed.

There are two forms this mentoring can take: continuous mentoring or expert references. Neither commitment requires attending in person as teams can use phone, email, video chat, or other remote communication methods.

CONTINUOUS MENTORS will be available as a resource over the two weeks to a specific team. One to two mentors per team will provide consistency, perspective, and guidance over the full program. These mentors are the primary sounding boards for the groups and were noted by 2016 students as one of the most useful resources over the program’s duration.

EXPERT REFERENCES will be available to one or several teams to provide feedback on a specific issue or topic. If you have narrow expertise or are only available for a portion of the program, we recommend you participate as an expert reference.

To volunteer as a mentor fill out the form here, or to find out more information, please contact us.