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Thank you to our 2017 sponsors!

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The second Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp, #TomorrowToday, was hosted at the University of California, Berkeley from July 16 – 29, 2017. Speakers and mentors guided 28 students and professionals through a curriculum designed to help them become nuclear innovators, including:

  • Business Development and Customer Timelines
  • Advanced Reactor Technology
  • Licensing and Export Control
  • Markets, Financing, and Long-lead Planning
  • Government, Policy, and Communications

Armed with these tools and an understanding of the energy challenges of the modern world, the Bootcamp closed with six groups pitching business designs to a panel of judges. Watch the final event, and learn about the groups below!

Efstathios Vlassopoulos, Mitchell Negus, Adria Peterkin, Shirly Spath, Sasan Hakimzadeh

Across the country, used nuclear fuel sits in casks waiting for relocation to a final repository. Now, instead of moving the casks to a repository, our services come to you. We are introducing a quick and safe way to convert used fuel into economic commodities onsite – commercial isotopes and energy products.

Ari Krause, McKinleigh McCabe, Courtney McLean, Katie Mummah

Commercial nuclear power plants rely on operating experience to ensure efficient operations and provide reliable power to the grid. Current information sharing is dispersed, limited, and labor-intensive. Atomic Analytics will provide streamlined information processing and advanced data analytics that allow plants to effectively manage resources and maintain dependable electricity production.

Hassan Qarra, Dane de Wet, Alyssa Hayes, Mike Ford, Logan Turk, Dylan Addison

NuWorld links modern manufacturing methods to advanced reactor technology. We solve a critical problem facing the future of clean energy. Our innovative solution accelerates the deployment of advanced nuclear reactors by an order of magnitude, cutting the costs by half. Our assembly-line solution for the next generation of nuclear power enables a new economic platform for development in the United States and around the world.

Nkiruka Menankiti, Jonathan Gjemso, Vivek Maradia

We are aiming to support the regulatory bodies of developing countries in modernizing its management of the life cycle of radiation sources and enhancing long-term safety, safeguards, and security, through the development of an integrated RFID tracking system.

Logan Smith, Xiaojun Zhang

Our service aims to provides an information service to educate the public about nuclear technology and how it works, dispelling myths and promoting the benefits of clean, nuclear energy to developing and established notions.

Monica Rodriguez, Cliff Ghiglieri, Pavel Velkovski, Mitchell Sinclair, Calvin Parkin

Cargatomic is looking to implement the NuScale Power Module on merchant cargo vessels. Initial market penetration will focus on replacing the diesel engines on the Maersk Triple E class containment vessels with a direct drive propulsion system turned by the turbine of the secondary loop of the reactor. The 160 MWt reactor would produce the fastest, cleanest, most reliable ships with reduced fueling costs and times, and allow electricity to be sold to in port.

More information about 2017

The 2017 Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp was made possible by the hard work of our organizers.

July 16 – 29, 2017

Berkeley, CA


To expand our ability to improve the environment and global health, a new level of innovation in Nuclear Energy is needed. Year after year, the Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp trains the next generation of students in developing and executing ideas that work in the world by providing them the tools to make a real impact.

In 2016, UC Berkeley partnered with the Nuclear Innovation Alliance, DC think tank Third Way, and a collection of leading companies, laboratories, and universities for the two-week program from August 1-12, 2016, where 25 students were trained in entrepreneurship and innovation. This year, additional students and a number of early-to-mid career professionals will be participating in the second program, with the added contributions of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Texas A&M University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Virginia Commonwealth University. For more about this year’s program, please see the curriculum tab.

Our closing event will be on July 28, 2017 in Berkeley, CA and will be open to the public. Video of last year’s closing event is available here.

Find us on twitter and instagram: @NuclearBootcamp, or on facebook.

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