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Applications are closed.

Innovation at Bootcamp is not just engineering innovation. It’s bigger than that; Bootcamp participants aim to revolutionize the way nuclear participates in the entire energy system. Such change requires addressing legitimate economic concerns, updating policies and regulations, reworking communications strategies, and changing what happens when we think nuclear.

Many Disciplines

Accomplishing these goals requires many disciplines to work together: applications from all students are encouraged. Law, public policy, economics, business, and journalism students are welcome to apply, as are students from any other field.

Students from any field at any stage of their education are welcome to apply. Applications will be evaluated in part based on a student’s demonstrated interest in clean energy innovation and/or business development. There are no technical requirements, although students will be asked to think critically about technical possibilities over the course of the program.

How to apply

Applications are now closed.

Students who are selected are expected to pay $200 to reserve their spot and provide their own transport to and from Berkeley, CA. Their housing and meals will be covered and there is no tuition. If the $200 registration fee and flights represents a financial hurdle for accepted students and their academic advisers, we will work to make funding available to ensure their participation.