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2018 Nuclear Engineering Bootcamp
July 30 – August 10, 2018
University of California, Berkeley

The Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp seeks to train students and professionals in skills essential to innovation in nuclear energy while executing team projects. The program consists of expert-led sessions, team-building exercises, and team project design time.  


We are developing our 2018 Curriculum with our institutional collaborators at the University of California, Berkeley, Massachusettes Institute of Technology, Texas A&M University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

This year’s curriculum includes:

  • Highlights and challenges in today’s nuclear industry
  • Venture fundamentals, financing, and innovation
  • Business development and customer timelines
  • Advanced reactor designs, materials, and hybrid systems
  • Services to the advanced reactor industry and cross-cutting needs
  • Community engagement, and industry communication
  • International trade and civil nuclear energy
  • Ethics
  • Licensing, legal issues and government/NGO suppor
"I chose to study nuclear energy because I think it can be the foundation of a sustainable future. Bootcamp showed me how I could be creative to help build that vision of tomorrow"
Mitch Negus
2018 Innovator

Design Project

Students will form groups to brainstorm and design an innovative project to address a problem in the nuclear industry. Over the two weeks, students will have access to mentors from all parts of the nuclear industry via email, phone, and Skype. They will also have opportunities to ask questions of the professors and experts who come in to lead sessions. At the program’s conclusion, students will pitch their design projects to a panel of judges and an audience (in person and online via live-stream) of company representatives, potential private investors, technical experts, relevant NGOs, and Department of Energy program managers. Check out the 2017 design projects!


Following the success of the program in 2017, we are happy to continue our program for early-to-mid professionals in 2018. Day-registration will be open to professionals to join our graduate and undergraduate students. Their participation will allow students access to additional experts in various subfields of nuclear, and give them the knowledge and tools to bring entrepreneurship and innovative thinking back to their companies.

For an idea of what the 2018 Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp will cover, check out the 2017 Bootcamp page or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.